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Prevent Boss From Snooping On Your Google Search Queries

Thursday, March 20, 2008

There are chances that someone is secretly spying on your Google search tracks for various reasons. For example, the employer may monitor your Google search habits to know if you are looking for jobs elsewhere while the local ISP may be collecting your Google queries with the purpose of selling that data to large analytics companies.

You cannot prevent these people from watching you because Google appends the search queries to the URL without encryption. So when you type "Jobs New York" in the Google search box, it returns a search page with the URL google.com/search?q=jobs+new+york and that makes data collection fairly simple.

There’s however a workaround - just use Google with a mask that comes indirectly from Google itself.

The following 10 websites are all hosted on the same server as Google.com and they are exact replicas of the main Google website - you cannot find a single difference unless you look at your browser address bar.

And the URL names of these websites ("ABN Amro Bank Group", "I Love Your Robin", "United American Fund", etc) sound fairly ambiguous so your boss (or local ISP) will never feel that they you are doing a search on Google.com.

1. www.americanlandmarkfence.com
2. www.unitedamericanfund.com
3. www.earningspace.com
4. www.jeanoffer.com
5. www.factualearn.com
6. www.abnamrobankgroup.net
7. www.glisteningwhitesmile.com
8. www.iloveyourobin.com
9. www.nuzrinmira.com
10. msm.byu.edu

They also let you search all Google sites like Google Images, Finances, News, Google Groups, etc.

Make any one of these sites as the default search provider in your web browser and toolbars and your Google searches will be secure again from voyeurs.


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Huang Mi Hee - Korean - Heart taking girl!

Huang Mi Hee was born on 21 January 1982 in South Korea. This stunning beauty is a race queen in Korea. She was discovered duting the Seoul Motor Show 2007.

Anyone's got more information on her? I reckon she's gonna be the one to watch in Korea and we'll be seeing a lot of her.


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Pulsar Mania- Awesome TV Commercial of Bajaj Pulsar

Wish I could have done a few of those stunts

The video is aptly called Pulsar Mania. The video is the talk of the town and every body is discussing about it. All I get to hear is "have you seen that ad?", "wow", "awesome" and well also this "ads like this should be banned".

Well the last comment was by my mom for obvious reasons ;-)

In a country like ours where people see "KRISH" and jump from their buildings, anything can happen.

But again I would say hatts off to Bajaj and team.

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Deepika Padukone Of High Opinion About Rishi Kapoor

Deepika Padukone was quite impressed with him and if one believes was not pampering when she met Rishi Kapoor- nor as fan but his son Ranbir’s girlfriend. She went long in comparing his father of at young age (Badminton Champion Prakash Padukone) with Rishi, she said, “ It’s amazing. But in his younger days, my dad (badminton champ Prakash Padukone) was often told he resembled Rishi Uncle. I grew up as one of his fans, saw Karz and Kabhi Kabhie a number of times. When Ranbir took me to meet his parents, I was reliving my childhood images of the most compatible couple I’ve ever seen on screen.”

She praised quite a lot of Ranbir’s parents she hailed Rishi Uncle warm and Neetu aunty poised and articulated .She has plans to work together with Rishi in many forthcoming movies and is quite eager to learn from him. She is also seemed impressed by the upbringing of Riddhima and Ranbir Kapoor, however, about her relationship with Ranbir she said that they both were focusing towards their career and yet not in mood to think of marriage anyway.

She refuted any tense nerve between her and cricketer Yuvraaj Singh’s mother”I really don’t think she said anything against me. If she had a grudge, she would have called me. I always say no outside source can know what kind of relationship two people share.”


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Windows Vista SP1 to Ship This Week

At that time Amazon was taking pre-orders for Windows Vista with SP1 included, and the announced availability date, as you can see, was - and still is - March 19th (above, click to enlarge).

So unless something drastic happens (and at this point, it won't) the retail version, which will be supposedly free of the "driver issues" Microsoft spoke of when it first released SP1 to manufacturing (RTM), will ship on Wednesday.

At the same time, reports are that the update will appear via Windows Update starting Tuesday.

The driver issues Microsoft warned about mean that some users with Vista already installed won't see the update via Windows Update until the drivers on their systems are updated - also via Windows Update. Installation of SP1 without updating certain drivers would cause - according to Microsoft - severe problems.

It hasn't been a smooth process since Vista SP1 RTM, with prerequisite patches causing endless reboots, accidental releases of SP1 (the 64-bit version, anyway), and information about several apps that are broken by SP1.

My advice: if you're installing from scratch, you're probably safe. If you're updating a system, either back up it completely with a disk imaging utility - or wait a few days to see what the fallout is over the update.

This big an update I wouldn't be an early adopter of, without precautions.


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